20 Best Free VOB Players for Mac, Windows and Mobile Devices

VOB is a very popular format on any type of platform, mainly because it contains all the necessary data for a DVD movie, such as subtitles, digital video and audio, subtitles, menus and all the other necessary content. Sometimes VOB files are encrypted to avoid copyright infringement, but anyone can create and play a VOB file with ease if needed. Check here to get top VOB players for Mac, PC, Android or iOS devices.

Part 1. Free VOB Player for Mac/Windows/Android/iOS

#1. iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate (Mac and Windows)

iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate is a all-in-one tool to help convert, download, edit, play videos and burn DVD as you want. You can directly play VOB files on Mac/Windows PC using the program. And if you want to play VOB videos on other devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android mobile phones, just try iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate to convert VOB to supported formats for playback.

Get the Best VOB Player for Mac & Windows PC:

  • iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate supports to play 150+ video/audio formats, including VOB, MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV, AVI, 3GP, FLV, DV, MP3, WAV, WMA, AC3, etc.
  • In addition to playing VOB files, this software also helps convert VOB or any video for playing on various players as needed.
  • It allows you to change the parameter settings according to your requirements.
  • You can edit your videos using its built-in video editing tools, such as Trim, Crop, Rotate, Add Effects/Subtitles/Watermarks, Adjust, and so on.
  • Burn MP4 or MOV videos to DVD if you want.
  • You can download online videos from 1,000+ popular sites like YouTube, VEVO, Vimeo, etc.

How to Play VOB Files on Different Devices using iSkysoft

In order to play VOB videos on Mac, PC, Android or iOS devices, you can try iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate to convert VOB videos to supported formats as needed. Here we provide both video and step-by-step tutorial for your guidance.

Step 1. Add VOB files

To start with, you can import your VOB videos to the program with drag-n-drop method. Alternatively, you can go to the main interface then click "Add Files" to add VOB files.

.vob player

Step 2. Select output format

There are 150+ output formats available on the format tray. Now please select the right one according to your own requirements. For example, if you want to play VOB on iPad Pro, here you need to check the "Devices" option and then choose "iPad Pro" as the output device.

vob player

By the way, iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate enables you to edit your VOB files before conversion. Here you can click the "Edit" icon to get the editing window. Then you can freely trim, crop and rotate videos, or add subtitles/watermarks/special effects to your video.

Step 3. Start conversion

After selecting the output format/device, you can click the "Convert" or "Convert All" button to convert VOB files to any format as you want. Then you will be able to play VOB on Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android devices with ease.

best player for vob files

Step 4. Play VOB files

Once completed the VOB conversion, you can just click the thumbnail icon in the video display bar to play the VOB files, or use the Transfer feature to play the converted VOB files in any of your mobile devices.

best video player for vob files

#2. UMPlayer (Mac)

This application is available for free and it comes with complete support for a plethora of video and audio formats, including VOB of course. It can even play incomplete or damaged files if needed and it can also be used for viewing streams and multiple other types of video without hassle.

Pros:Comes with an added set of features that make suitable for all types of video playback.
Cons: Some VOB files can’t be read properly.

vob players

#3. VLC (Mac and iOS)

This is one of the standard players for various people and there's not a bought about it, VLC really brings some of the best video playback as it provides seamless support for multiple file types and it's very easy to use as well. It's also very customizable and it doesn't require any codec packs in order to run properly.

Pros: Works with a plethora of video formats, it’s easy to use and scalable.
Cons: Needs some interface improvements.

vob file player

#4. Flip Player (Mac)

Even if this player comes with a commercial version that brings additional features, the free version comes with retina display support, great playback controls, loop and instant replay navigation features which make it an instant hit. It’s easy to use, very reliable and definitely recommended for any type of user.

Pros: Retina display support and very easy to use.
Cons: More advanced features are locked behind a paywall.

best vob player

#5. Eltima Player (Mac)

This is a multifunctional media library and video player that brings just about any feature you might need in order to enjoy your VOB files on a Mac. You can even create your own playlists if you want. It brings a paid version that comes with the ability to download videos, fullscreen playback and screenshot integration.

Pros: Stylish, professional interface and great playback.
Cons: You have to pay for advanced features like fullscreen mode.

best free vob player

#6. MPEG Streamclip (Mac)

Even though this application is primarily a converter, it works great for playing VOB files as well. It doesn't require a lot of resources and loading a movie is as simple as drag and drop. The playback speed is good and the overall quality recommends the app as a good one to try if you need a VOB player.

Pros: Fast loading, good playback.
Cons: Lack of additional features due to the fact that it’s a converter at first.

.vob file player

#7. MPC-HC (Windows)

Formerly known as Media Player Classic this open source utility is great if you want a lightweight tool to help you get the job done fast and easily. It works great and offers enough features to be enjoyed by professional and home users alike.

Pros: Lightweight, customizable and easy to use.
Cons: Lacks advanced features.

best vob player windows 10

#8. KMPlayer (Windows)

This is a great video player with lots of unique features and which is also quite easy to use. It comes with support for matrix function/normalize as well as low CPU usage and numerous other perks that recommend it as being one of the best tools to watch VOB on your PC.

Pros: Supports numerous formats and it's easy to use.
Cons: The interface is a little too complicated for some people.

vob player windows 10

#9. SMPlayer (Windows)

A tool that has a large number of users, it's open source and simply gets the job done. It's definitely one of the simplest players, but it comes with complete support for a plethora of formats.

Pros: Skinnable and with subtitle support.
Cons: Lacks advanced features.

player to play vob files free download

#10. Gom Player (Windows)

This application is available free of charge and works with all types of video files, including VOB. It also includes some advanced features such as AB repeat and playback speed control or video effects.

Pros: Stylish interface, works with multiple formats.
Cons: It might require you to install additional codecs.

free vob player

#11. SPlayer (Windows)

A lightweight video player with VOB support, low resource consumption, portability and automatic subtitle downloading.

Pros: Portable, compact and with automatic matching subtitle download.
Cons: Might be too simplistic for some people that need power user features.

vob player free download

#12. MPV.io (Windows)

MPV.io is free of cost media player developed for Windows operating systems. It is an open source media players under the licenses of General public license. This player is written in C language and equipped with wide range of features such as Video scaling, High-quality algorithm and much more.

vob player MPV.io free download

#13. Super Video Player (Android)

A stylish video player that allows you to change the display ratio and perform any other operation simply thanks to the responsive touch controls.

Pros: Reliable, fast and intuitive.
Cons: Sometimes fails to respond to controls.

vob player android

#14. HD Video Player (Android)

This video player helps you with playback of HD videos as well as VOB and multiple other formats. It loads the videos fast and works as you might expect.

Pros: Reliable, fast and intuitive.
Cons: Sometimes fails to respond to controls.

vob player free

#15. MX Player (Android)

This tool come4s with some great features such as hardware decoding, multi-core decoding, zoom and pan abilities as well as children blocking.

Pros: Brings some advanced features and works seamlessly.
Cons: It hangs sometimes during video playback.

vob player freeware

#16. Media Player (Android)

Be it video or audio files, this great media player app can take care of them. It even brings complete support for subtitles if needed, which means that you can easily watch the videos you need at any time without a problem.

Pros: Good interface, fast WI-FI transfer for videos.
Cons: Has some problems with loading large files sometimes.

vob player android

#17. PlayerXtreme HD (iOS)

An application with complete playback capabilities, it can help you play your favorite VOB files quickly and without too much effort. It's definitely a one of a kind tool that certainly deserves your complete attention.

Pros: Loads videos fast and brings HD support.
Cons: Sometimes it cuts videos short.

android vob player

#18. OPlayer Lite (iOS)

This one works with all video formats you need, including VOB, gives you fast file transfer and iTunes backup capabilities.

Pros: iTunes backup, easy to use and great interface.
Cons: The Lite version comes with ads and you have to pay for removing them.

ios vob player

#19. 8Player Lite (iOS)

A multifunctional all that works with external controllers and it even brings playback for music images if needed.

Pros: Interesting interface and easy to use.
Cons: Has some problems with large file playback.

play vob files on ipad

#20. flex:player (iOS)

This is one of the ultimate video players you can find on the market. It comes with complete support for all popular video formats including VOB and it will definitely help you a lot.

Pros: Works seamlessly with almost any type of video.
Cons: You have to pay for decoders.

free vob file player

Part 2. How to Play VOB Files on Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player doesn’t typically support VOB format and will not open standalone VOB files that you might have downloaded from the internet or have ripped from a DVD. You get a message like this:

play vob in windows media player

But despite the limitation, there are several ways through which you can run your favorite VOB files in your classic Windows Media Player instead of relying on third-party video players.

Download Codec:

You can play VOB files without any problems on Windows Media Player 9 and above by merely downloading a codec pack. Download a 32-bit or 64-bit Media Player Codec Pack like K-lite Codec and smoothly run your VOB files. Codec works by upgrading your media player and provides added assistance to play the latest file formats which also include VOB.

Codecs work considering the method used for data compression, and if the Windows Media Player cannot play a particular file, it means it is unable to find the specific codec to run the file. By downloading a codec pack, it will be easy to play any format.

Windows Media Player usually downloads the required codec for any file automatically, and if it doesn’t, you can enable the automatic download through these simple steps:
1: Go to the Tools section in the Windows Media Player and then click Options.
2: Go to the Player tab.
3: Under the Automatic Updates section, check the Download Codecs Automatically checkbox.
4: Click OK.

Windows will automatically play the files by downloading codecs after this.

Convert VOB to Windows Media Player-Friendly Format:

If your Windows Media Player is unable to play your VOB files despite installing the codec pack, then the easiest way to run your VOB file is by converting it into Windows Media Player supported a format that includes WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV, AVI, M4V, etc. To achieve that, iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate must be the best choice.

Since VOB files are ripped from DVD, they may sometimes be encrypted, and if they are encrypted Windows Media Player won’t play them despite installing a codec pack. Conversion too may not be possible. To run the encrypted files, you will require some decryption program instead.

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