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How to Convert H.264 to AVI on Mac/Windows Online

by Brian Fisher

How to Convert H.264 to AVI on Mac/Windows Online

How can you convert H.264 to AVI on Mac/Windows? There are a couple of reasons to justify your wish to convert H.264 files to AVI like failure to play on a host of popular media players. There is a solution! This task can be done using an online or desktop converter. However, you will have to use an up to par converter. In this article, we shall give you a detailed guide on the best way to convert H.264 to AVI.

Part1. How to Convert H.264 to AVI by ISkysoft UniConverter Quickly

To convert H.264 to AVI on desktop consider using UniConverter. Thanks to the mixed bag of excellent features and capabilities which simply explains why droves of people worldwide are sticking around UniConverter. Ranging from the stylish user interface to the super-fast conversion speed, there is surely no doubt about its prowess. You can convert all types of media files including H.264 to AVI with just some few clicks. The program runs on several popular operating systems including Mac and Windows and also supports new-tech devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod among others. UniConverter is an all-in-one tool meaning you can download, edit, and convert your files without the need for a third party tool.

Main Features of UniConverter

  • Converts any kind of media file formats ranging from audio, video, image, DVD, and device formats.
  • Built with video editor that allows you to trim, crop, rotate and apply effects.
  • Can transfer files between your computer and mobile devices.
  • Can burn media to DVD disks, backup, and edit DVD media with ease.
  • Built with media browser that makes it easier to browse media files for upload.
  • Has toolkit that has VR converter, Image converter, video compressor, GIF maker, metadata editor screen recorder and CD ripper.

Following is the detailed account of guidelines that you must abide to in order to convert H264 to AVI using this software. Just make sure you follow each and every step in the said order:

How to Convert H.264 to AVI using UniConverter

Step 1: Upload H.264 Videos

Run the UniConverter on your PC to access the primary window. To load the respective H.264 files, simply click the +Add Files tab and browse on the subsequent file explorer window. Click the Open to upload. Alternatively, drag and drag the H.264 files of interest onto the program's interface. Remember the program supports batch conversion so you have an option to add as many files as you can.

upload h.264 videos

Step 2: Choose AVI as Output

Under the Convert All Files to tab, click Video and scroll down to select the AVI format. If you would like to customize your output settings, just click the editing icon on the right. However, you can keep the quality of your video by selecting the The same as source option.

choose avi as output format

Step 3: Begin H.264 to AVI Conversion

When you are satisfied with your output selection, click the Convert button beside individual media files. However, if you want to convert multiple files at the same time, you will have to hit the Convert All button. The conversion process begins immediately, so you can monitor the progress on the background.

begain convert h.264 to avi output format

Part 2. Best Online H.264 to AVI Converters

1. FileZigZag Online Converter

This is a great online H.264 to AVI converter offering lossless conversion and excellent speed. The conversion process is simple and it involves three steps which can be easily mastered by any newbie. It is actually a great way to convert online videos without the need of downloading software. The program is highly known for its ease, clean conversion, and of course the fact that no penny is chucked out either. This is no doubt an online H.264 to AVI converter worth trial.

filezigzag online converter

2. zamzar online converter

Zamzar is a free online converter capable of converting virtually all types of videos formats. It also supports a variety of output device formats like iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPhone X among others as well as video and audio formats. One good thing about this online H.264 to AVI converter is that it can download videos and audio from several online platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo just to mention but a few.

zamzar converter

Limitations for the online converter

  • Most online converters limit the size of files that can be uploaded and processed at the same time.
  • Online converters require a strong internet connection for better performance.
  • Online converters are generally limited in terms of capabilities as compared to desktop versions.
  • Security is an issue with online converters as uploading your files online makes it more vulnerable to hackers.
  • In terms of speed, desktop versions are better. As aforementioned, the speed of online converters depends on the strength of the network.

Part 3. Convert H.264 to AVI with VLC Player

A vast majority of people always think VLC is just a media player. Actually, VLC is a feature enriched platform that can perform an assortment of functionalities including file conversion and editing. The program works pretty well for a variety of media formats and codecs. Although it has some limitations and is definitely not the best converter around, I think it is good considering it is a free tool. With the basic conversions like H.264 to AVI, VLC can be of great help.

How to Convert H.264 to AVI with VLC using VLC Player

Step 1: Download VLC Player

Download and install the latest version of VLC on your computer. Launch the program once fully installed.

Step 2: Choose Click Convert/Save Option

Navigate to Media and choose the Convert/Save option from the drop-down menu.

choose click convert/save option

Step 3: Add Files into VLC

From the subsequent dialog box, hit the Add button and browse for the respective H.264 Files. Now hit the Open to upload.

add files into vlc

Step 4: Press the Enter Button

Ignore the rest and tap the Convert/Save button. Alternatively, press the Enter button on your keyboard. Choose your preferred setting in the subsequent dialog box.

Step 5: Choose the Output Location

To choose the save location for your newly converted file, simply go click the Browse, select a suitable location, give it a name and click the Save tab.

choose the output location

Step 6: Start Convert the File

Now press the Start button to commence the conversion process.

start convert the file

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