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  • Resize videos to a smaller size for uploading to Vimeo easily.
  • Preview the compressed video before starting compressing.
  • Support 1,000+ video formats for Vimeo compression and conversion with less quality loss.
  • 30X faster compression speed than other common compressors.
  • Transfer compressed videos to iPhone/Android/iPad devices easily via a USB cable.
  • Compress video in batch.

Compress Audio Files: Top 14 Compressors to Help You Save Storage Space

by Julia Angwin • Jun 11,2021 • Proven solutions

Audio records are very important in our contemporary society. Students can keep audio files of their lectures, employees may keep audio files related to their offices, and a person can store the audio records of a loved one. However, there is a limit our digital devices like phones and personal computers can keep these audio records without exhausting their storage spaces. The most important reason for compressing audio files is to reduce audio file’s size while storing them in storage devices to preserve a device’s space.

Compressing audio file is not difficult. It is a bit technical but very easy when you follow the right steps and make use of a good audio compressor software to reduce audio file size. This article reveals how easy it can be to reduce audio file size and make use of audio compressor online or audio compressor software you download.

Part 1. Top 5 Audio Compressor Desktop Softwares

1. Uniconverter

Wondershare Uniconverter, which is popularly called Uniconverter, is a wonderful compressor that is used for compressing audio files on a desktop or laptop. It is one of the most widely used audio compressor software in the world. Uniconverter is used to compress mp3 file size and a wide range of audio file formats.

Those who make use of audio compressor online use Uniconverter because it can be used to resize both local audio file in the computer and online audio file. This audio compressor software has good CPU Acceleration which makes compressing audio files faster. Uniconverter does not only have the advantage of speed and flexibility but it costs less to use the software.

The important quality of Uniconverter is that it is not just an mp3 size reducer but can also be used to compress videos, download and edit them. Uniconverter is also useful for audio and video conversion, audio extraction, screen recording (audio and video), audio and video editing, CD burning, subtitling, watermarking and Gif making. The software is multipurpose and can serve many functions. It is suitable for almost every video job a person may which to perform.

  • Support the input of any video and audio file format.
  • Enables you to merge several audio and media files to a single file.
  • Support batch upload, download, and conversion of files.
  • Built with video editing controls like split, trim, crop, brightness, rotate, volume, pitch, and others.
  • It allows you to download videos from over 1000 sharing sites such as Spotify, YouTube, Hulu, Metacafe, and much more (4K supported).
  • Burns DVDs and Blu-rays with customized templates.
  • Its toolkit houses a GIF maker, a metadata editor, a VR converter, a Video compressor, and a screen recorder.
  • Supports Mac and Windows platforms, with each having a free trial version.

How to compress video with UniConverter [4 Easy Steps!]

Step 1. Launch Uniconverter

Click on Uniconverter icon on your desktop to launch the Uniconverter program which you have successfully installed on your desktop. Before this, you need to download Uniconverter from official website.


Step 2. Upload audio files

The first page when you open Uniconverter on your computer is the home page. On the left side of the home page is a list of options. Select “Audio Converter”. Then, move your eyes to the center of the home page to find an option to drag and drop the audio file you intend to compress with Uniconverter.


Step 3. Set the compressing mode

Go to settings and select ”Audio> Mp3" and thereafter "Low Quality" at the output format section.

set the compressing mode

Step 4. Start compressing

Edit the settings for the audio file and then compress the audio file. The file which is compressed is saved automatically by the converting tab.



  • Compresses audio files and converts to over 1000 audio and video file formats 30 times faster than the speed of many audio or video compressors and converters.
  • Compresses audio files in batches, removes noise and edits them to quality standard before compressing them.
  • It is very easy to import audios from devices or download files.
  • It is licensed because of its superior quality.

    2. Aiseesoft

    Aiseesoft is a desktop software for compressing audio files. It can also be used for editing and video converting. Aiseesoft supports Windows and Mac.


    Download link:


  • It is can be used for editing and compressing videos as well.
  • Cons:

  • Its licenses are complex and require payment to use.

  • 3. Ashampoo Zip Pro

    Ashampoo Zip Pro is effective software for compressing audio files speedily. It is usually described as audio compressor software with 8 programs in 1. Ashampoo pro supports windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10. It does not support Mac.


    Download link:


  • Ashampoo Zip Pro can store files locally in the computer or on the cloud.
  • It performs other compressing functions apart from compressing audio files.
  • Cons:

  • It supports only Windows.
  • The biggest problem of Ashampoo Zip pro is its multiple licensing and usage prices.

  • 4. iTunes

    iTunes is the music platform of Apple Inc. It is multipurpose software and can be used for compressing audio files. Compressing Audio files on iTunes is as simple as choosing the file from the device, adding the file to iTunes library, and compressing or converting to the desired version. iTunes supports both Windows and Mac.


    Download link:


  • iTunes is popular and can store audio files both offline on the computer and on iCloud.
  • Cons:

  • iTunes performs so many functions and is not specifically designed to compress audio files. This makes its compressing functions basic and elementary.

  • 5. Wonderfox

    Wonderfox is another audio compressing software. It is used for compressing audio files and even editing. However, Wonderfox supports only windows.


    Download link:


  • It is easy to use and has multiple purposes.
  • Cons:

  • It is not diverse and supports only Windows.

  • Part 2. How to Reduce Audio File Size on Mobile Phone?

    1. M4A Audio Compressor

    M4A Audio Compressor is a free mobile app. It is available on Google play Store and can be downloaded on Android devices. It is a good mp3 size reducer.

    Downloading Link:


  • The mobile app can compress multiple audio files at the same time.
  • It has 6 predefined compression levels.
  • Cons

  • It is not as effective as desktop audio compressor software because it slows down or breaks when the file is too big.
  • It is not supported by iOS.
  • m4acompressor

    2. WinZip

    WinZip is a mobile app for compressing audio files. It is available on the Google play store and is supported by Android operating system.

    Downloading Link:


  • It can zip cloud storage files.
  • Compresses other types of files apart from audio files.
  • Cons

  • It only offers its basic features free of charge. It requires in-app purchases to access the most important features.
  • It is not supported by iOS mobile phones.
  • winzip

    3. Audio Compressor-Audio Trim For

    Audio Compressor-Audio Trim For is used to reduce audio file size and compress mp3 files. It is supported by Android operating system.

    Downloading Link:


  • It is free of charge.
  • It supports many audio formats.
  • Cons

  • It is not available on Google play store and requires special permission to work on Android devices because of the risk of harm.
  • audio-trim-for

    4. Audio Compressor AUv3 Plugin

    This audio compressor software is available for iPhone and iPad in the App store.

    Downloading Link:


  • It is free to download.
  • Supports large audio files sizes.
  • Cons

  • It is not compatible with Android.
  • auv3-plugin

    Part 3. Top 5 Audio Compressor Online.

    1. Online Uniconverter

    It is important to mention that there is an Online Uniconverter which does not need to be downloaded or installed. However, though the online Uniconverter is free and can be used without registration, the online Uniconverter is unable to perform some specific tasks which the installed Uniconverter can. For example, the online Uniconverter can serve as a mp3 size reducer but cannot burn the audio files to DVDs.

    Steps of compressing audio files with Online Uniconverter

    Step 1. Choose "Compressing" Tab

    Visit Online Uniconverter at via your browser. At the middle of the home page are "Main Online tools". Select "Audio Compressor".


    Step 2. Select Files and output format

    Another webpage will open. Click "Choose Files" to add the video files from your iPhone. After that, set the output format and size you want.


    Step 3. Compress and Download Video

    Click "Compress" to Compress the video file. Download the video file you have compressed with Online Uniconverter to your iPhone.



  • It is very simple to use because registration is not required to use the platform online.
  • It takes less time to compress audio than other compressors.
  • Cons:

  • It cannot perform advanced functions like burning audio files to DVDs.

  • 2. You Compress

    You Compress reduces mp3 file size and is totally free. To compress mp3 file with Youcompress which is an mp3 size reducer, user simply uploads the audio file, converts it and download.


    Official Site:


  • You compress is free to use.
  • Converts unlimited number of audio files daily.
  • Cons:

  • Users of Youcompress cannot specify their compression ratio.

  • 3. Mp3Smaller

    The website of Mp3smaller is used to compress mp3 file online. Upload the audio file and select the conversion option to reduce mp3 file size.


    Official Site:


  • Its service is free.
  • Cons:

  • It restricts audio file upload or download to 150 MB. Files bigger than 150 MB cannot be converted.
  • The Uploaded files will be removed after hours.

  • 4. Filezigzag

    Filezigzag is a mp3 size reducer. It is used to compress mp3 file size online. Users can browse audio files and choose the option of compressing the file to reduce mp3 file size.


    Official Site:


  • It is free to use and does not require registration.
  • Cons:

  • It has a limit of 10 audio files per day. That is, not more than 10 audio files can be compressed each day.

  • 5. Online Converter

    Online Converter is used to reduce mp3 file size. To compress mp3 file size with Online converter, select the mp3 for, choose the audio quality for the file, and click the compress button.


    Official site:


  • You can choose compressed quality as you like.
  • Cons:

  • It cannot compress audio files larger than 200 MB.
  • There are ads on its interface.

  • Conclusion

    Based on the foregoing, Uniconverter is often described as the best choice because it is safe, reliable and provides the best quality desired at the very reasonable and affordable price. It is usable by both those with little experience in audio compressing and professionals.

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